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Fly The Coop

Bach Sonatas and Preludes

Our debut album, a collaboration with flutist Emi Ferguson, is a joyous, kaleidoscopic romp through some of Bach’s most playful and transcendent works. The album features new arrangements of Bach’s Flute Sonatas and Keyboard Preludes, orchestrated for baroque flute and the forces of Ruckus that include theorbos, baroque guitars, baroque bassoon, cello, viola da gamba, harpsichord, organ, bass, and the occasional banjo.


We explode Bach’s bass lines into a rainbow of textures and colors, continually shifting like light over the landscape as Ferguson’s flute lines dance above. Contrasting the three flute sonatas on the album are new arrangements of a variety of Bach’s keyboard preludes, with selections ranging from the beloved Well Tempered Clavier, to alternate movements from keyboard suites that are rarely performed.

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"a fizzing, daring display of personality and imagination"

(The New York Times)

Performances have included The Run AMOC! Festival (Boston, December 2018)

 The Da Camera Society (Los Angeles, June 2019)

 Music Before 1800 (NYC, November 2019)

 and Scrag Mountain Music (VT, June 2020).

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